Udo Dirkschneider - Live - Back To The Roots Cd Duplo Digi

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2 Cd UDO Dirkschneider - Live - Back to the Roots Digipack

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Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Starlight (Accept cover)
3. Living for Tonite (Accept cover)
4. Flash Rockin' Man (Accept cover)
5. London Leatherboys (Accept cover)
6. Midnight Mover (Accept cover)
7. Breaker (Accept cover)
8. Head over Heels (Accept cover)
9. Neon Nights (Accept cover)
10. Princess of the Dawn (Accept cover)
11. Winterdreams (Accept cover)
12. Restless and Wild (Accept cover)
13. Son of a Bitch (Accept cover)
Disc 2
1. Up to the Limit (Accept cover)
2. Wrong Is Right (Accept cover)
3. Midnight Highway (Accept cover)
4. Screaming for a Love-Bite (Accept cover)
5. Monsterman (Accept cover)
6. T.V. War (Accept cover)
7. Losers and Winners (Accept cover)
8. Metal Heart (Accept cover)
9. I'm a Rebel (Accept cover)
10. Fast as a Shark (Accept cover)
11. Balls to the Wall (Accept cover)
12. Burning (Accept cover)