Rot - Cruel Face of Life Cd Digi

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Descrição de produto:
Rot - Cruel Face of Life Cd Digi
Estado: novo
Estilo: Grindcore
Gravadora: Bucho Discos
1. Fatality?
2. Smiling Faces
3. Game of Hypocrisy
4. Musculous Ignorance
5. Puppet
6. Restricted
7. The Flower
8. Hidden from Yourself
9. No Will to Change
10. Cooperation Not Competition
11. Living to Deceive
12. Anger Against Conformity
13. Fools to Resist
14. It Isn't Your Problem
15. Friends? Not Mine!
16. Express Your Opinion
17. Lack of Ideals
18. Drunk Driver
19. No Equality
20. Still Not for Me
21. Accepting the Foretold  
22. Almighty God (live)   
23. Living to Deceive (live)
24. Rejecting the Media (live)   
25. My Enemy (live)   
26. Fatality? (live)  
27. Destroy Everything (live)   
28. The Hideous Poet (live)   
29. Drowned in Restrictions (live)   
30. Smiling Faces (live)   
31. Slave of Majority (live)   
32. Where's My Happiness? (live)   
33. What I Feel Is what I Want (live)   
34. Anna Mulle Piiskaa (live)  
35. The Actor (live)  
36. Subversive not Alternative (live)  
37. Technologic Error (live)  
38. Catch as Catch Can (live)