Offal - Offal CD

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Offal - Offal CD 
Estado: novo
Estilo:Death Metal/Goregrind
Gravadora: Mindscrape Music
1. Anal-thorized Autopsy (They Reign Supreme Forever)  
2. Swarming Maggot Feast  
3. The Spew  
4. Cadaver Breath (L.H.O.T.L.)  
5. Festering Rectal Sludge - Disgorgement  
6. Feasting on Excrements  
7. Wound Fuck / Confessions of a Necrophile (Gut cover)  
8. Anal Vapor Rising  
9. I Shit (You Eat)  
10. Your Fun-eral  
11. Charred Remains / Gasping for Air / Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay / In the Grip of Winter (Autopsy cover)  
12. Squirmfest (Purge)  
13. Enema Sewer  
14. Covered in Faeces  
15. Anal-Thorized Autopsy (They Reign Supreme Forever!)  
16. Scat Squad  
17. Good to the Last Drop  
18. Humiliated and Shitfucked  
19. Festering Rectal Sludge  
20. Faecal Fuck  
21. The Spew  
22. Cadaver Breath  
23. Feasting on Excrements  
24. Festering Rectal Sludge - Disgorgement  
25. Anal Vapor Rising  
26. I Shit (You Eat!)