Eternal Sacrifice - Musickantiga... Prédicas do Vero Báratro CD

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Descrição de produto:
Eternal Sacrifice - Musickantiga... Prédicas do Vero Báratro CD 
Estado: Cd novo
Estilo: Epic Black Metal
Gravadora: Obskure Chaos Distro
1. Paganus Doctrina (Opus I: The Sexuality Viper Tybor Gift on the Archane Orchard of Grey Eyes and Ebony Skin) "Introiro"
2. The Golden Serpent Kundaline on the Bows of Stone of the Water and Sun into the Temple of Salomon... (Poetic Rhapsody)
3. Paganus Doctrina (Opus II: Rustic Places of Eternal God from Ancient Phoenician Civilization... Newborn Child Sacrifice)
4. The Mortal in the Valley of the Beltion of Fire and the Mystic Sword of Archanun Baal Iblis at Regency of the Mountain Poet... The Great Magician! (Musickantiga il Troto)
5. Ignis Mallus, a Tale of Lullabies (Prelude)
6. Isis-Urânia Agreed at Zahoris Pendulum Spin Her Ring on the Table of the Star Order and Advertise the Neo-Aeon.
7. Rex Infernus Trilogy: O Impetuoso Rei da Lascívia / New Rites on the Mysterie's Temple of Elêusis, a Nest of Serpent's Wings / Dogmatic Rites of High Magick in the Eleusics Filds, the Aradia...
8. La Toyson d'Or ... Barathrum Lapidem at Zos Kia Cultu: Act I - The Immortal Master's Light, Art and Poetry! Act II - The Immortal Master's Shadow, Pact with the Wise!
9. The Last Dance of Nymphs on the Fountain of Thelemas Garden