Cd Impurity - The Lamb´s Fury Digipack

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Cd Impurity - The Lamb s Fury Digipack
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1. (Introduction) Ecstasy Law
2. Malediction
3. Sekhmet
4. Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies
5. Darkness Path
6. The Firmament of Fire
7. Guest of the Infernal Pit
8. The Lamb's Fury
9. Intro - Morituri Mortuis
10. Lucifer Vomiting Blasphemies Over Christ's Head
11. Sabat
12. Reign of Death
13. Cruelty in the Reign of God (Demon Cruelty)
14. Intro - Dominus Satanas, Rex Inferus Imperator Omnipotens / Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies
15. Malediction
16. Guests of the Infernal Pit