Besthöven - Dis Means War CD

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Descrição de produto:
Besthöven - Dis Means War CD
Estado: Cd novo
Estilo: Hardcore, Punk
Gravadora: VÁRIAS
This Means War
Walking In Minesfield
Mass Death...
God Of War
Atomic Blast
A Noite Dos Mortos-Vivos
Just Another Wargame
Medo Do Morte
Bleeding On Battlefield
Born To Die In The Gutter (Discharge Cover)
Midnight And Ten
+Split Picture EP for Tour With Kontatto
Sirens Ringing
The Night of Hell
Troppo Facile (Wretched)
+Live in Rostock-EP (Germany)
Welcome to Hell
Blood Pain Death and Destruction
More Victims of War
Wheel of Life (Anti-Cimex)
No More Room in Hell
The Last Breathe
Life in Hell (Bônus)